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Starts from $250

Carbon is our budget film and while it still provides 99% UV protection there is only 38% heat reduction. Carbon is suitable if you only wish to make your windows look darker since it is a dyed film but does not provide you protection from the sun if that is what you are looking for. Carbonite features a deep-toned, black appearance that gives a sports style look to vehicles of all type and colour and  matches perfectly with most factory tint. 

Nano-Ceramic Fusion

Starts from $350


Nano-Ceramic comes in as our most popular tint since it is affordable and provides significant heat reduction. It presents 99% UV protection but offers 69% heat reduction. Nano-Ceramic Fusion is best in the entry level ceramic range and offers great night vision and security as it is 2 ml thicker. It is perfect for if you are on a budget but still want to get good quality tint. Fusion’s durable metal-free construction is signal friendly and provides a deep non-reflective finish that is fade and corrosion resistant. Fusion features supreme heat rejection, improves cabin comfort and provides extreme durability 

Ultra-Ceramic Genesis 

Starts from $550

Genesis is our premium tint and is at the top of the range. It provides 99% UV protection and 92% heat reduction making it the highest performing automotive tint and meets demands of Australia's harshest conditions. Built with ultra-ceramic nano coating technology, Genesis selectively blocks infrared and UV radiation while preserving maximum optical vision. Genesis offers complete cabin comfort by reducing the sun's intense heat, improving air conditioner efficiency and easing eye strain with true tone glare reduction. On the outside, the unique ice-cool black shade of Genesis is prestigiously superb and looks as good as it performs. 


If you are interested please come in and meet us at our showroom to see from our display how the different tints differ in heat reduction. 

When Quality Matters

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