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When Quality Matters

Our business has been built on our reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and outstanding service.

We provide high-quality window tinting jobs for cars, homes and commercial buildings around Melbourne.


We tint all makes and models from after the year 2000.

Our Guarantee:

  • 99% UV protection

  • Up to 70% heat reduction

  • Fade protection 

  • Glare reduction

  • Secures the Glass 

  • Privacy

  • Warranty on Peel/Fade/Bubble

  • 100% satisfaction, best quality product and service.


Home Tint available for all needs: 

Privacy, Glare reduction, UV protection,

Security and Heat Reduction.

Our commitment-

If you are not satisfied, we will remove our tint and we will give you your money back - RD TINT

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